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Our firm is a Public accounting firm registered with Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta, Since September 2005. Firm is being primarily owned and managed by Mr. Anoop Agarwal, CPA, CGA who has a wide experience of over 20 years in the field of accounting , tax and business advisory services. We are providing accounting and tax services to vide range of business enterprises in the field of Real Estate, Retail, Manufacturing , Gas stations, Trucking, Construction and professionals.


Why Choose Anoop Agarwal Professional Corporation?



There are many reasons why incorporating your company is beneficial to you. As a corporation you have limited liability for business risks, you can use your corporation to save tax, incorporated businesses generally have a better “image” than unincorporated businesses. There are many more reasons why incorporating your business will overall prove to be more financially beneficial for you!
April 30 is the due date for personal tax return Corporate tax returns are due six months after your fiscal year end The end of February is the reporting deadline for T4’s and T5’s
In the event you file late, you are subject to fines and penalties based on how late and whether you owe anything to the CRA. Having an accountant can help you avoid unnecessary fines and penalties and keep your taxes and books up to date!
An accountant ensures that you or your company is completing their due diligence towards the CRA. We ensure that you are receiving the tax breaks you deserve and that your forms and payments are completed and sent in on time. Accountants are helpful in ensuring that your company is running smoothly financially and are a great resource when it comes to business operations and ensuring profitability of your company.
Maintaining books of your accounts on an accrual basis is necessary in the event of an audit. Companies are always required to keep their books for inspections on the premises. This helps avoid any penalties or fines.

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