Accounting Firm for Restaurants in Edmonton

Anoop Agarwal Professional Corporation offers accurate and insightful accounting services for restaurants and food businesses in Edmonton. Our experts will help your business grow by improving operational efficiency and identifying key growth areas. We also provide services for tax planning, audit, and tax return submission to help businesses remain compliant.

Food businesses have seen a positive boom in the last few years and the market is growing at a healthy rate. Now would be the perfect time to consolidate and get a strong financial foundation for continued success in the industry.

Accounting for Restaurants

A successful restaurant business needs more than just great food and fine ambience. It requires excellent business management and analysis of costs and profit. The management must identify operations that are putting unnecessary costs on the business and find ways to cut down expenses. They should also evaluate the menu and services that generate a good return and increase these offerings for profit maximization.

Of course, the passion for food and creativity will remain the major component of any food business. It is what attracts customers and clients to keep coming back to your business. However, the numbers are what give your business stability and keep it going. Strong financials will help your business expand in good times and keep it going in bad times.

Specialized Restaurant Accounting

Restaurants and food businesses have operations that are unique to the industry. Their expenses and revenue sources are specific to the food sector. In order to build an efficient management system, you need an accounting service that specializes in bookkeeping for restaurants and food businesses.

Anoop Agarwal Professional Corporation offers experienced bookkeepers and accountants with experience in this domain. Many of our accountants have been preparing books of accounts for restaurants businesses for years. We can create accounting records from scratch and complete them all the way to the finalization of accounts. Our accounting and auditing teams will ensure that all your records are up to date and accurately reflect the true position of your business.

We also provide tax consultancy service for clients in the food business. Our experts make it very easy to prepare and file returns with the CRA on time. Our accountants can also help improve the cost and revenue analysis for your business, enabling you to make better decisions for business growth.

We offer the following services for clients in the restaurant and food business.
  • Complete Accounts Preparation and Bookkeeping
  • Single and Double Entry Bookkeeping
  • Separation and Identification of Revenue and Expenses to Calculate Profits
  • Cash Flow Projections and Forecasts
  • Inventory accounting for produce and perishable goods
  • Management of Accounts Payable and Supplier Credit
  • Billing and Revenue Management
  • Small Business Accounting
  • Working Capital Projections and Needs Analysis
  • Accrual and Cash-Based Accounting Systems
  • Online Accounting Setup
  • Final Accounts Preparation and Financial Reporting to Owners
  • Accounting Auditing Services
  • Payroll Processing – Kitchen and Waiting Staff Compensation and Tax Deductions
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Review
  • Tax Preparation & Submission for Resturants
  • Business Risk Assessment & Management
  • Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Restaurant Business Incorporation Advisory
  • Bank Transfers and Postings
  • Set-Up and Support for QuickBooks, Sage, and Other Accounting Software

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Anoop Agarwal Professional Corporation has an excellent record for managing books of restaurant businesses. Over the years, our experts have worked with a score of restaurants and helped improve the accounting processes for our clients. We help improve profitability and timely tax submission for our clients. We work with both new restaurants and long-established businesses to offer a great standard of service.

If you would like to work with Anoop Agarwal accounting service, then please get in touch with our advisors Contact us at 780-435-9173 or write to us at and one of our consultants will get in touch.